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Sunday, January 13, 2008

A "New" Topic For Lupica...Steroids!!!

If you look to the right of Lupica’s article today on the Daily News website, you’ll see an area labeled “Most Recent Columns.” Here are their titles:

“Recording latest misfire from Rocket”
“Truth will set Rocket free”
“Fed up with the Rocket”
“When vacation ends, Roger Clemens' fight to save legacy begins”
“Let's salute baseball fans”
“Roger peddles Tour de Farce”
“House should play hardball”
“If Roger Clemens wants to tell his story, he should tell it to Congress”
“Scott Boras supplies dirty cover-up”

So in Lupica’s last nine articles, eight of them are about Clemens and/or steroids.

EIGHT of them!

Tell me this loser doesn’t sit around recycling the same old shit on a weekly basis!

The only article not about steroids is a puff piece “saluting” New York baseball fans, when in reality he uses the article to bash the Yankees, praise the Red Sox, and give the Mets yet another pass regarding their epic 2007 collapse.

So, when I saw today’s article’s headline, “Athlete’s Lies Worst Of All,” I knew it was going to be another snooze fest full of steroids bullshit.

But apparently Lupica feels this is a very important topic, so I will provide a public service by giving you today’s article – word for word – right here on our website.

Here is Lupica’s January 13 article, in its entirety:

Blah blah blah steroids blah blah Mitchell blah blah McGwire blah blah Congress blah blah Clemens blah blah Hall of Fame blah blah blah Marion Jones blah blah Bonds blah blah flaxseed oil blah blah BALCO blah blah blah McNamee blah blah blah.

Creative, original, exhilarating.


Just by playing the way he did against Tampa Bay and getting the Giants out of the first round, Eli Manning has already had a better postseason than A-Rod and Jeter combined.

Well why not compare Eli to what Reyes or Beltran or Wright or Wagner did in the post season?

Oh, right.

Put me down as somebody who thinks that Johan Santana is a wonderful pitcher, but not the second coming of Sandy Koufax and not somebody I would pay $150 million on a bet.

He forgot to add “unless the Mets or Red Sox get him” at the end of that sentence.

Let me sum up the rest of Lupica’s blurbs from this weeks article, because it's basically the same bullshit that he writes every week…

Blah blah blah Isiah Thomas blah blah Dolan blah blah blah Knicks blah blah Marbury blah blah blah Giuliani blah blah even more Clemens shit (unreal) blah blah blah…

Creative, original, exhilarating.