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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Word Count on Today's Lupica Article.

How many times in today's article can Lupica hammer the fact that the Yankees have a high payroll?

Word Count:

Money = 8
Spend = 7
Spent = 3
Payroll = 4
$200 Million = 1


Anonymous said...

The bigger question is how does a professional sports writer get a line like this past his editors?

"So Pettitte started and Rivera finished and how many times have you heard that since the two of them came to the Yankees as kids in the 1990s and then the winning started for them the way it did for Jeter and Posada?"


JohnS said...


Its got to be killing Lil' Mikey to have written all these gushing articles about the Yankees. FU Lupica, we know your true colors. Your just waiting for them to lose so you can write you famous "Not at these prices" line. Too bad you don't hold your buddy Jeff Wilpons team to the same standard.

PNL said...

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