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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blurbs from "Shitting From The Lip"

So here we are, two weeks into the season, and the Yankees are in cruise control, winning their first four series against REAL teams - the Red Sox, Rays, Angels, and the Rangers.

Mike's "Dream Team", the Mets, have lost 3 of their 4 series, with a chance to lose their fourth tonight...losing to such power houses as the Nationals and the Marlins...sitting in last place in their division, with the 3rd highest payroll in the NL.

And once again, Mike refuses to mention the Mets payroll. Does anyone remember the last time he cried about their payroll?

Nothing seems to change, between the Mets sucking and Mike not saying anything about their payroll.

Here are some stupid Lupica blurbs from today's shit article...

Nice to see the luxury suites at Yankee Stadium on Opening Day no longer looking like the view of the Pacific from Malibu.

2010 Yankees average attendance per game - 44,699, 1st in the AL
2010 Mets average attendance per game - 33,477, 9th in the NL

And just for laughs...

2009 Yankees attendance - 3,674,495
2009 Mets attendance - 3,154,270

When Bernie Williams bounced that ceremonial first pitch in front of home plate the other day, it was my friend George King who mentioned in the press box that Bernie was throwing as well now as when he was 23.

Haha! I get it! Bernie never had a good arm!

Say, how's Carlos Beltran looking these days out in centerfield?

You do wonder sometimes if the Mets left base-running school a few credits shy of graduation.

Base-running school? This is why the Mets are 4-7? Because of of lack of base running skills?

How about hitting school? The Mets are 14th in the NL in batting average.

How about hitting with RISP school? The Mets are batting .163 w/RISP.

On base percentage? Mets are 12th in the NL.

Slugging? Mets are 15th in the NL. Ouch.

OPS? 15th in the NL.

This is all with the 3rd highest payroll in the NL.

The Mets are a joke...and Mike is a tool for not writing a weekly article about it, like he does with the Yankees payroll.


ditmars1929 said...

Glad you are back.

I'll assume you are familiar with the now defunct website firejoemorgan.com. When I read Lupica's so called columns, it plays in my mind like that. Read a sentence, in his case a paragraph, and then think of how stupid it is.

On another note, what the fuck is up with his inch long hard on for Elmore Leonard??? Christ, if I want to check out a book, I'll go to the goddamn library. And really, nobody gives a shit what Lupica watches on television.

OK, sorry to have gotten a little out of hand there. I'm sure you understand.

Mark said...

MAN, is it great to see you're back, all over Lupicock like a pit bull on a Christmas ham.

FYI - heard Francesa literally QUOTING your stats re: the Mets and wondered... (he's another self-righteous prick, but I digress).

I hope Lupicock spends ALL his days writing about the "Evil Empire", while slurping on the dick of the Wilpons, just because that'll FINALLY guarantee me something decent to read - your stuff.