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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some of my favorite Lupica quotes

In the first week of March, there is nothing better than turning on the television in the afternoon and seeing Reyes at the plate - 3/4/2007

Jose Reyes Sept/Oct stats
2007 - .205 BA, .279 OBP, .333 SLG
2008 - .243 BA, .314 OBP, .402 SLG
2009 - bruised vagina - did not play

The Mets will draw as big as the Yankees draw when both new parks are open - 4/8/07

Mets attendance 2009 - 3,154,270
Yankees attendance 2009 - 3,674,495

Maybe somebody needs to tell Tom Coughlin that he has absolutely no chance of keeping his job, and that bringing him back was the dumbest idea since "Temptation Island." - 10/7/2007

The Giants are Super Bowl champions four months later.

The Yankees are ready to break the bank for Johan Santana and thereby go against all the data on signing starting pitchers to longterm deals. - 12/2/2007

Mets sign Santana; out the last six weeks of the 2009 season with an injury.

…Santana, the one the Mets finally got for a bag of balls… - 2/24/2008

Mets give Santana a $151 million contract.

The bottom line here is that the Mets need more guys like Wagner, not fewer. - 5/19/2008

Billy Wagner stats
Career 10.32 post season ERA
2008 - seven blown saves, injured for 8 weeks
2009 - traded

Do you know who I am!? - 7/14/2008

Trying to get past security at the all star game.

The Mets are 14-9 now under Manuel, a good manager and a good man worth rooting for - 7/17/08

2008 - epic collapse to the Marlins, over $115 million payroll difference
2009 - fourth place finish with $149 million payroll, highest in the NL

I do love it when the Yankees act surprised, and sometimes nearly get the vapors, when aging players start to break down on them. - 7/19/2008

2009 - Mets players spent more than 1,480 days on the disabled list, more than any other team.

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