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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sabathia Is No Beckett!

So Sabathia beat the Phillies last night, which means Lupica had to throw out his pre-written article about how great Halladay is, and how he owns the Yankees.

I guess that's why he wrote a nasty article about Sabathia.

Oh wait, Lupica hates the Yankees! He would never write a good article about them!

Let's take a look at some of the crap he shits out on Sabathia.

"Sabathia has rarely had his best stuff this season"

"Now Sabathia just looks big"

"Sabathia managed to get his seventh win of this season"

"Sabathia just being a little off his game, again"

"They can get to first place with Sabathia pitching only marginally better than Javy Vazquez"

"Not great Tuesday night. Just good enough"

"Still not the ace of the staff"

Here are Sabathia's stats from last night.

IP: 7
ER: 3
Hits: 5
BB: 3
SO: 7

NOW…Let's compare those stats to THIS game from a non-Yankee pitcher…

IP: 8
ER: 3
Hits: 6
BB: 1
SO: 5

And let's see what the mini douche wrote about that performance…

"He was the real story of this game"

"This is the kind of pitcher the Mets hope Johan Santana can be"

"This was the kind of game that big pitchers are supposed to win for their teams"

"Was the ace everybody wants, the one who stands there and says he is going to throw it about 95 miles per hour for the next three hours or so, dig in, see if you can hit it"

Guess who he was writing about - you got it - Josh Beckett, checking out of that 4/17/08 game with a 5.12 ERA.

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