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Monday, August 30, 2010

Comedy Of Error

In yesterday's piece of crap article, Lupica's hatred for the Yankees came shining through. Check out this shit...

The Yankees were 13-14 over a month of baseball that ended with Friday night's sparkling performance against the White Sox, and when you play that kind of dreary baseball over this long a period, you get people wondering if you're still the $200 million odds-on favorite to repeat.

Over the last two months, here are the two teams from which our kids have won series:

Mariners. Tigers.

How funny. The little twerp said two months instead of two weeks.

In reality, the Yankees have gone 32-22 in the last two months, winning 10 series against the following teams:

Tampa Bay
Kansas City
Kansas City

Hmm...I wonder how the Mets did during that span?

The Mets have gone 22-32 in the last two months, going from 2nd place to 4th place, winning 5 series against the following teams:

St. Louis

Good stuff!

Little douche boy should consider proof reading.

At least he got his "$200 million" into the article...for the 200 millionth time.


John Galt said...

Lupica Is A Douchebag


Hate him hate him hate him said...

One other thing.
Lupica doesn't know what "odds-on favorite" means. An odds-on favorite is better than even odds to win the championship. Obviously the Yankees are not odds-on (as opposed to odds-against) to win the World Series. I doubt any team has ever been odds-on in August to win the World Series.
So what is the correct term for the kind of favorite who is just better odds than any other team to win the World Series? That would be 'favorite'. Duh.

Hey, making fun of him actually does help my mood! Thanks for the opportunity.

Brian Paone said...

So. What's with the mancrush on Mike Lupica?

Mark said...

What's Lupicock going to say now that the Red Sox have a higher payroll than the Yanks?

mlbtraderumors.com reports that after signing Jenks, the Sox have a higher payroll than the Yanks.

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